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        Since 1998, Jiangsu Dongguang Micro-electronics Co.,Ltd ( DGME ) has been involved in the circuit protection industry, growing from a single-product supplier to a cutting-edge company that offers a full range of components and solutions.
        DGME aims to meet your ever-changing demands. It has invested heavily in research and development, manufacturing facilities and engineering expertise to provide you with leading-edge components and solutions.
        DGME products include IGBT,Mosfet,Scr & Triac,Schottky,TTS,ESD and GDT. By combining these components delivers customized design that meets the requirements for many different applications.
    DGME keep our standards high by controlling every production process in house, from product design and wafer fabrication to packaging and testing.
        DGME are ISO 9001 &14001 certified and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Our products are free of PAHS and carry UL, TUV and RoHS marks.
    We look forward to being your trusted and reliable partner.

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